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John L. Butler, Ph.D. is President and Chief Scientist at Image Acoustics, Inc. He has had over forty years of both practical and theoretical experience in the design and analysis of underwater sound transducers. He has consulted to a number of underwater acoustics firms and has also taught courses in acoustics at Northeastern University, Naval Air Development Center, Raytheon Company, General Instrument Corporation, Harris Transducer Products, Hazeltine Corporation (now Ultra Ocean Systems, Inc.), Massa Products Corporation, Etrema Products, Plessey Australia, and Lund Institute of Technology, Sweden. He holds over thirty patents and has presented or published well over thirty-five papers on electro-acoustics transducers. In 1977 he was elected Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America. His education includes: Ph. D., Northeastern University, Boston, MA, and Sc. M., Brown University, Providence, RI. His publications include the co-authored paper “A low frequency directional flextensional transducer and line array," J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 102, 308-314 (1997) and "A Fourier series solution for the radiation impedance of a finite cylinder," J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 104, 2773-2778 (1998), with Alexander L. Butler and “A tri-modal directional transducer,” J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 115, 658-665 (2004) with Alexander L. Butler and Joseph A. Rice. He is coauthor with C. H. Sherman of the book “Transducers and Arrays for Underwater Sound,“ (Springer, NY, 2007).

Adam J. Blanchard is a Senior Acoustical Engineer at Image Acoustics, Inc. and joined the team in 2018. Adam leads Image Acoustics’ transducer modeling effort using ANSYS. Adam previously worked for Lockheed Martin as a Senior Systems Engineer in Newport, RI, where he led their small business support efforts. He led a team of engineers supporting small businesses and was actively involved in all acoustic testing. Adam completed his BS and MS in Ocean Engineering in 2013 and 2014 at the University of Rhode Island, and is currently working on an MBA at URI (expected completion May 2020).


Frank D. Fratantonio is a Senior Acoustical Engineer at Image Acoustics and leads the their acoustic modelling in ATILA. He worked for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center division Newport (NUWC) for 9 years prior to joining Image Acoustics in January 2019. At NUWC he managed the Acoustic Open Tank Facility for the Underwater Sound Reference Division and also worked as a Technical Design Agent for the Critical Transducer program in the Hull Sensors and Systems group.  He received his B.S. in Ocean Engineering from the University of Rhode Island in 2009 and his Masters degree in Engineering Acoustics (MEA) from the Naval Postgraduate School in 2015. His most recent publication includes: R Howarth, Thomas & Fratantonio, Frank & E Boisvert, Jeffrey & Bruno, Anthony & Scandrett, Clyde & M Wynn, William & S Davis, Philip. (2011). Acoustic behavior of magnetorheological fluids in magnetic fields. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 130. 2359. 10.1121/1.3654452.

Victoria Curtis is the President at Image Acoustics. She completed her B.A. at Northeastern University. Ms Curtis negotiates both government and commercial contracts and sees that all goals of the projects are met financially and in a timely manner. She has been Program Manager for a number of our projects and uses QuickBooks on a daily basis to keep track of the company’s finances. She has worked with Image Acoustics since March 2007 and is also the facilities security officer.

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